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Born Standing Up: A Comic’s Life



In the mid-70s, Steve Martin detonated onto the satire scene. By 1978 he was the greatest show attract the historical backdrop of hold up. In 1981 he quit until the end of time. Brought into the world Standing Up is, in his very own words, the narrative of “why I stood up and why I left”.

At age 10 Martin began his vocation at Disneyland, selling manuals in the recently opened amusement park. In the decade that pursued, he worked in the Disney enchantment shop and the Bird Cage Theater at Knott’s Berry Farm, playing out his first enchantment/satire act twelve times each week. The tale of these years, amid which he rehearsed and sharpened his specialty, is moving and brilliant.

Martin lights up the penance, order, and creativity that made him a symbol and educates his work right up ’til the present time. To be this great, to perform so every now and again, was disengaging and forlorn. It took Martin decades to reconnect with his folks and sister, and he recounts to that story with extraordinary delicacy. Martin additionally paints a representation of his occasions: the time of free love and challenges against the war in Vietnam, the strong flippancy of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour in the late 60s, and the transformative new voice of Saturday Night Live during the 70s.

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