Reese Witherspoon: Book on the Southern Style

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July 15, 2018
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Reese Witherspoon: Book on the Southern Style

Reese Witherspoon (40) wants to introduce her readers to the style of the Southern States.

The actress (‘Walk the Line’) already has a clothing line and home textiles that are in line with Draper James, and now wants to describe the special charm and style of the southern United States area in a book, according to AP. The American wants to explain to her readers the “charm, the dignity and the unmistakable style” of the southern states with photos of funny stories from her youth in Tennessee as well as some essays.

That Reese Witherspoon now goes under the writers fits, because the mother of three is a self-confessed bookworm that maintains a book club on Instagram and discusses with her fans there various bestsellers and literary new discoveries. In addition, the blonde with her production company Pacific Standard is always on the lookout for fabrics that can be filmed for the screen. So Reese was also responsible as a producer for the literary adaptations ‘Gone Girl’ and ‘The Big Trip – Wild’.

The Oscar winner joins her with her book in the series of Hollywood stars who want to make their followers happy with lifestyle stories and advice. Cameron Diaz (44) advised ‘The Body Book’ women to get to know their body better, Gwyneth Paltrow (43) was waiting with recipes and now Reese Witherspoon will draw from the rich treasure of the Southern States to tell how one is Southern -Lady to dress and behave.

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